About Us

“Our main goal is to guide you with our massage to better your overall health.

Aura Médica Wellness is attended by its owner:
Beva Chairez
Licensed Massage Therapist
License Number: MT113634

Beva Chairez specializes in Medical & Therapeutic massage helping her clients to relieve pain.
With more than 7 years experience Beva Chairez has the skills needed to become a successful massage specialist in Central Texas. Her clients always come back for another great session!
She also brings her massage expertise to some local therapeutic clinics to help their patients, that gives her the opportunity to practice a variety of massage techniques depending on the patient’s body areas that she has to treat.
At Aura Médica Wellness you will always feel good, we will make sure you are satisfied with your massage sessions.
We hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you soon!

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